Innovative and Certified Kitchenaid Appliance Repair in Lynnwood, WA

February 26, 2024

Innovative and Certified Kitchenaid Appliance Repair in Lynnwood, WA

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At Kitchenaid Repair, we understand the importance of keeping your kitchen running smoothly, especially on special occasions like Valentine’s Day. That’s why we offer certified appliance repair services in Lynnwood, WA, ensuring that your Kitchenaid appliances are always in top-notch condition. Whether it’s your microwave, oven, or refrigerator, our team is here to provide prompt and reliable repairs whenever you need them.


Five Lesser-Known Microwave Functions and Uses

Microwaves are not just for reheating leftovers or popping popcorn. These versatile kitchen appliances offer a range of functions that can make cooking and meal preparation easier and more efficient. Here are five lesser-known microwave functions and uses that you may not be taking full advantage of:

  • Steam Cooking

Many modern microwaves come equipped with a steam cooking function, allowing you to quickly and easily steam vegetables, fish, and other foods. Simply place your ingredients in a microwave-safe dish with a small amount of water, cover, and select the steam cooking setting. In just a few minutes, you’ll have perfectly steamed dishes ready to enjoy.

  • Defrosting

Defrosting meat or frozen foods can be a time-consuming process, but your microwave can help speed things up. Most microwaves have a defrost setting that allows you to safely and quickly defrost food without cooking it. Simply input the weight of the food and let the microwave do the rest, ensuring that your ingredients are ready to use in no time.

  • Baking and Roasting

Believe it or not, your microwave can also be used for baking and roasting certain dishes. From cakes and cookies to roasted vegetables and even small cuts of meat, many recipes can be adapted to microwave cooking. Just be sure to use microwave-safe cookware and follow the instructions carefully for best results.

  • Softening Butter and Chocolate

For those impromptu baking sessions or last-minute dessert cravings, your microwave can come in handy for quickly softening butter and melting chocolate. Simply place the butter or chocolate in a microwave-safe dish and heat in short intervals, stirring in between, until softened or melted to your desired consistency.

  • Sterilizing

Microwaves can also be used to sterilize kitchen items such as baby bottles, pacifiers, and even sponges. Simply wash the items thoroughly, place them in a microwave-safe container with water, and heat on high for a few minutes. This can help kill bacteria and ensure that your kitchen tools are clean and safe to use.



While microwaves are often seen as simple heating appliances, they actually offer a wide range of functions and uses that can make cooking and meal preparation easier and more convenient. By exploring these lesser-known features, you can unlock the full potential of your microwave and take your culinary skills to the next level.



  • Q: Can I use metal utensils or containers in my microwave?

A: No, metal should never be used in a microwave as it can cause sparks and damage to the appliance. Stick to microwave-safe cookware and utensils made of glass, ceramic, or certain types of plastic.

  • Q: How often should I have my microwave serviced or repaired?

A: It’s a good idea to have your microwave serviced annually to ensure that it’s working properly and safely. If you notice any unusual noises, smells, or malfunctions, contact our certified Kitchenaid appliance repair team in Lynnwood, WA, for prompt assistance.

  • Q: Are there any safety tips I should keep in mind when using my microwave?

A: Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines when using your microwave. Never operate the appliance empty, and be sure to use microwave-safe cookware and containers. Additionally, always use caution when removing hot dishes from the microwave to avoid burns or injuries.


Ready to learn more about maximizing the potential of your kitchen appliances? Check out our other blogs for helpful tips, tricks, and advice on keeping your Kitchenaid appliances in top-notch condition all year round, or even if you’re just exploring and learning about unique cooktop features. And if you ever need certified appliance repair services in Lynnwood, WA, don’t hesitate to contact us at Kitchenaid Repair for fast and reliable assistance.


Unlock the full potential of your kitchen with our certified appliance repair services in Lynnwood, WA. Trust Kitchenaid Repair for prompt and reliable assistance to keep your appliances running smoothly.

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