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May 24, 2022

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Resetting your refrigerator can be very helpful and healthy for your KitchenAid appliance. Whether it is for defrosting, fixing internal issues, or just a simple temperature adjustment, resetting the fridge is generally good.

With that said, Kitchenaid Repair is here to demonstrate five simple steps so KitchenAid appliance owners won’t have to call in our Kitchenaid repair in Pasadena. If you’re reading this while trying to reset your fridge, let’s go ahead and scroll down to the steps, and be sure to follow along. If you do not know how to troubleshoot, it is always best to hire us for our Kitchenaid refrigerator repair.

Step #1: Locate the Reset Button for the Water Filter

The first thing you have to do is locate where the reset button for the water filter is, especially if you’ve just changed your water filter. You can start by checking the panel found inside the fridge near the water filter control.

Step #2: Firmly Press the Reset Button

Next, you’re going to firmly press the reset button. Be sure to count at least 2 to 3 seconds before easing up on the button. This should be enough to reset the KitchenAid fridge that you own, along with any filter warning that keeps popping up on your fridge’s external display.

But wait, is there a touch display on the left side of your KitchenAid fridge? If it does, you’re going to have to press two different buttons simultaneously. Press and hold the “Max Cool” and “Max Ice” buttons for roughly 3 seconds.

Also, keep in mind that this part of the steps could differ from model to model. It’s best to inspect the button combination provided on the refrigerator’s display first, which you can generally find beneath the Water Filter button/text.

Step #3: Release the Buttons and Close the Fridge Door

While performing these steps, you might notice a countdown. It would count down from 3 to 0, and on 0, you stop pressing a certain button. After the countdown, and after you stop pressing, you might get a message saying “Good” or a light flashing on your Water Filter button.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully reset your KitchenAid fridge without asking for help from our extensively-trained technicians, and you can now close the door to see if there are still some errors or warning messages showing up.

Step #4: The “Open and Close Filter Compartment” Technique

Step #3 would’ve been the end, but you can try the “open and close filter compartment” technique if the steps didn’t work. You have to look for the water filter compartment, press and hold on its cover until the filter compartment drops, and then close it afterward.

Step #5: Execute a Manual Reboot

Doing a manual reboot is pretty simple. All you have to do is unplug the refrigerator’s power cord from a power outlet, wait for approximately 10 minutes, plug the power cord back in, allow your fridge to restart and cool by itself, examine if the water filter is working properly and if the compartment is cooling enough, and then check the panels if all the buttons are working.

Good luck on your journey of resetting your KitchenAid fridge, and we hope our steps to reset a Kitchenaid refrigerator helped you out. Keep an eye out for our next helpful topic in the next article!

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